Talk of the materials economy has gone viral.

Over the past three years, Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff Project have released several short cartoon videos on aspects of the materials economy. Their latest film is The Story of Electronics. The film takes aim at TVs filled with lead, DVDs that can’t be fixed and computer product lines for which the only green alternative is an abacus. Check out the video here:

For those who are not familiar with The Story of Stuff, it is a 20 minute cartoon film documenting how corporate power, overconsumption, undervaluing of resources, and our disposable lifestyles are wrecking the planet. The film uses quick dark wit, incisive analysis and simple language to explain how using too much stuff is trashing our planet. The film has been downloaded over 12 million times, and become one of the most popular environmental shorts of all time.

Here in Manitoba, this film comes at a time when the Province is in the process of developing household hazardous waste plans. The several waste hazardous waste producing industries submitted their proposals for comment last summer. Green Action Centre’s comments are available here.

In Manitoba, E-waste can be dropped off at these locations.

Other forms of hazardous waste, including paint, medicines, and pesticide containers can be dropped off the first Saturday of each month between 9 am and 4 pm at Miller Environmental at 1803 Hekla Ave. Winnipeg, MB.

Meanwhile, if you want to get more involved in the fight for take back of electronic goods, get involved with the Electronics Take Back Coalition, sign their petition to corporate executives at some of the big E-waste producers, and read their report card on who are the worst and less worse among electronic companies.