TomorrowNow – Manitoba’s Green Plan promises to develop action plans for a green economy and climate change. The Province commissioned the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), working with University of Winnipeg and Manitoba’s Climate Branch, to consult and make recommendations for these plans. The recommendations are expected to be forthcoming in March.

Green Action Centre’s input included the following three documents.

1.     Our brief on Green Economy Indicators set out considerations for a rich set of indicators capable of identifying, monitoring and diagnosing trends that lead towards or away from the goal of making Manitoba “one of the most sustainable places to live on Earth” with a “strong, resilient green economy” as promised in TomorrrowNow.

2.     Budget 2015: A Green Budget for a Green Economy focused on fiscal and governance issues that need to be resolved in order to move from business as usual to a green economy. Of special importance is the treatment of the transportation sector, which we characterized as the elephant in the room obstructing progress. This document was submitted both to IISD and the Minister of Finance and colleagues.

3.     Finally, our Supplemental submission on Climate Action and a Green Economy added specific recommendations to bend Manitoba’s trajectory towards a green economy. We also noted that Manitoba’s poverty reduction and social inclusion initiatives must fit the principles of a green economy.

By Peter Miller

Green Action Centre Policy Committee Member