Provincial candidate forum on the environment

This Wednesday, candidates from the NDP, Progressive Conservatives, Liberals and Greens square off for a provincial environment forum. The event is organized by the Manitoba Eco-Network, Green Action Centre, the Provincial Council of Women and the Green Action Committee of the First Unitarian Church. Candidates from all parties intending to run candidates across the province were invited to participate. The forum will be moderated by CBC Radio’s Terry MacLeod.

“Many of Manitobans’ key concerns this election such as water quality in Lake Winnipeg, greenhouse gas emissions or hydro-electric development are environmental issues. This forum will give the public a chance to hear all the party positions, to ask important questions and to decide for themselves which platform will best promote sustainability in Manitoba” said event coordinator, Josh Brandon.

Who: Jennifer Howard, NDP candidate, Fort Rouge
Heather Stefanson, PC candidate, Tuxedo
Paul Hesse, Liberal candidate, Fort Rouge
James Beddome, Green candidate, Wolseley

Where:  First Unitarian Church
603 Wellington Crescent.

When: Wednesday, September 14, 7:00 pm

Event website:

Contact: Josh Brandon, Manitoba Eco-Network, (204) 898-6460