Media Release: Health and Environmental Groups Urge Manitobans to Support a ban on Cosmetic Pesticides

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012

Winnipeg – A coalition of health and environmental groups and advocates, known as Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba is urging Manitobans to support a comprehensive provincial ban on the sale and use of lawn chemicals.

The group has posted a sign-on letter, addressed to Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister, the Hon. Gord Mackintosh on the petition site,, providing an easy way for citizens to give input to the government. As of this morning, the petition has garnered 165 signatories, including support from the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, Green Action Centre, Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Environmental Law Association.

They have also launched a basic website with background information and resources.

The Provincial Government issued a White Paper on cosmetic pesticides, called Play It Safe, in June of this year, asking for comments from Manitobans. It sets out a range of options for better managing the chemicals used for maintaining the appearance of lawns and gardens.

Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba believes the best option for protecting the health and safety of Manitoba’s environment and citizens – especially the most vulnerable groups like children – is a comprehensive ban on sales and use, with strong enforcement, and education on alternatives.

“By definition, cosmetic pesticides are unnecessary” said Anne Lindsey, speaking for the coalition. “Yet they are linked with a range of serious health and environmental problems, including asthma. It’s time to get these poisons off the shelf and out of our environment”.

The petition may be found at:

Manitobans have till Oct. 1 to provide their comments to government.