The Crystal Palace at The Great Exposition of 1851 was described by contemporaries as “the triumph of man over nature”; Paris’s Exposition Universelle introduced us to escalators and ‘talking pictures’; and Expo 67 in Montreal taught the world to sing “All You Need Is Love”. Winnipeg Water and Waste maybe has less lofty goals in mind for their Garbage Expo next weekend. Nonetheless, your participation is vital to seeing that Winnipeg’s waste strategy reflects sustainable principles for the twenty-first century.

TheCreative Commons License - courtesy, agenda for the day includes an opportunity to present your top idea for waste reduction, discussion round tables, and presentations by expert panelists.

You can register for the event at:

Lindsey Wiebe in the Winnipeg Free Press provides a flavour of some of the trashy ideas up for debate.

Also, read the Green Action Centre policy paper: Getting to 75% and Beyond