Come check out our composting worms at Winnipeg Folk Festival Family Area anytime from 3pm to 4:30 pm daily Friday, July 12th to Sunday, July 14th 2013.


We’ll also have compost related crafts and activities as well as friendly volunteers able to answer questions on vermicomposting and backyard composting.

If you see a volunteer wearing a shirt with the words “Composting” on their back, they might just be one of our Master Composters. Feel free to stop them if you have any questions about the Winnipeg Folk Festival composting program or about home composting. If you’ve been to the Festival in the past few years, you would have noticed composting carts. The compost collected is brought to a centralized composting facility where the organic material breaks down into finished compost faster than your home composter due to high temperatures. This efficient process enables the Festival to accept all organic matter such as meat, dairy and compostable dinnerware (usually made from corn or potato starches).

The Festival’s composting program is expanding this year, and is providing compost carts in as many strategic areas as possible. You will find compost carts near the food vendors, in the taverns, in both the Festival campground and quiet campground and also backstage. Food vendors will have compostable dinnerware so almost everything food-related should be compostable. The taverns have special receptacles called cupsuckers for collecting the compostable cups. These plastic tubes help to easily stack the cups, saving space when being transported to the large-scale composting facility.

So if you do end up at the Festival, please stop by our booth in the Family Area and do your part by putting all your food scraps and compostable dinnerware in the compost carts!