Thanks to a new funding opportunity from Health Canada intended to raise awareness of Canada’s Air Quality Healthy Index, our Environmental Speakers Bureau is hitting the highways!

Green Action Centre’s Environmental Speakers Bureau is looking for classes outside of Winnipeg (but within 200kms) to visit this school year. Our presentations run approximately 40-45 minutes and are fun, engaging, and FREE! We offer 3 presentations to rural schools:

Water: A Drop in the Bucket

Water is Everywhere – in our Rivers, our Air, our Food, and even in US! We all need clean water every day to stay alive, but how much water do we use? Why should we be concerned about the way we use and abuse this resource? This presentation addresses all of these questions, concentrating on individual actions and choices. Suitable for all ages.

Tracking the Blue Box

Everyone is curious about what happens to recyclables after they get picked up. Using samples and illustrations, this presentation tracks four common materials (paper, metal, glass, plastic) from blue box through re-processing to end use. with older students, we also critically consider the role of recycling as a resource conservation practice. K-Grade 8.

Paper Chase

Paper is one of the most familiar classroom materials. We explain how paper is made, discuss paper recycling, examine alternative fibres, and show samples of recycled paper products. Students are encouraged to consider how all four Rs (the fourth is Re-Think) apply to paper. K-Grade 6.

All 3 of these programs draw special attention to the effects of resource extraction and use on Air Quality.

For more information, or to book a visit, please contact