Our friends at Climate Change Connection are facing a financial emergency – they need our help to keep Climate Change Connection in operation.

See emergency appeal below. Click here to donate.

Hello Friend of Climate Change Connection,

The ask – Due to circumstances beyond our control, we only have enough secured funding to keep our doors open until June 7. Could you please help Climate Change Connection survive and continue our important work?

Why now? Climate Change Connection has always been dependent upon ongoing grants from a select few special funders. The agreement we had with our long-term primary funder ended on March 31 and we have not yet received word that their funding will be renewed. We are seeking diversified longer-term funding sources but the funds we have currently available will run out on June 7.

Value – Climate Change Connection has been in continuous operation since 2002. We provide a service for Manitobans that is absolutely unique and has taken a long time to build. We are a source of climate change education for people of all ages with Climate Change Youth Conferences, “Boot Camps” & resources for teachers, presentations to groups, and our website and e-newsletter. Our work on solutions has us working alongside and connecting together organizations, businesses, and government agencies throughout the province and at all levels.

How you can help – Please make a charitable tax-deductible donation to us through Tides Canada. By tightening our belts completely, we can just keep operations alive on $10,000 per month over this critical period. We can achieve this if 100 of our friends, and others you may know who care about the planet, donate $100 each. Of course, donations of any size are needed and will be warmly welcomed.

Thank you sincerely,

Curtis Hull, P. ENG.
Project Director