The Winnipeg Free Press reported this morning that Manitoba’s Conservation Minister, Gordon Mackintosh is working on a new comprehensive plan for the environment. Green Action Centre has a few suggestions. As reported by Mary-Agnes Welch:

Josh Brandon, spokesman for the Green Action Centre, said he’s pleased the province is working on a broad plan. On his wish list is a new focus on cleaning up Lake Winnipeg that brings together a series of watershed-management plans already completed. And, he said, the province needs a comprehensive plan to boost recycling and composting rates while also coping with electronic waste.

“We also really need to come up with a greenhouse-gas-emissions plan to replace and follow up on the Kyoto commitments the province has failed to reach,” said Brandon. The plan has to cover all sectors: agriculture, transportation and industry, he added.

Let us know what other ideas you have for a green action plan for Manitoba by commenting below.