Save the date for Jack Frost Challenge for KIDS! 

February 7 – 13, 2021 is Jack Frost Challenge, with Winter Walk Day on Wednesday, February 10. Registration for Jack Frost Challenge for Kids is open! REGISTER HERE

The challenge is simple: spend time outside playing, running, walking, snowshoeing or whatever feels fun for a chance to win some prizes. Read more here! Jack Frost Challenge is a flexible event. Do many things, or do one thing, whatever works for you and your family or class. Here are some ideas:

Take a family or class walk Walk around the neighbourhood with your class or a Winter Walk Club!

Have a snow building competition with snow forts or people Encourage families and students to get active and creative! Have kids create snow people, creatures, or sculptures.

Host Polar Bear Recess with your classroom (the cold can’t keep us inside!) Despite the plummeting temperatures, students need time to run and play. Let them play outside even if it’s -40C. Read more here!

Host a Winter Walk Day event  Walk to school, or do a school-wide walk for Winter Walk Day on Feb 10. Celebrate students who walk, bike, or roll with hot chocolate or a participation certificate.

Participate in the Winter BikeWalkRoll School Travel Survey Find out how your students are getting to school! During classroom attendance, take 30 seconds to ask how your students are getting to school and submit it through Read more about school travel surveys.

Sign up for Jack Frost Challenge as a team Join the friendly competition across Manitoba and sign up your school or class as a team, and compete with other classes and kids to get the most kilometres. The goal is to complete 130km of outdoor activity anytime during the entire week, but the sky is the limit! Register your team here!

Winter Passports, it’s time to explore your own backyard During the week of JFC, participants will receive a Passport to enjoy! They include mini challenges and achievements you can check off along your journey to 130 km.

Register your family, class, or entire school for Jack Frost Challenge for Kids. And learn more about Jack frost Challenge for Kids and check out all the cool prizes we are giving out this year!

Thank you to our sponsors!