Workplace Commuter Options

Looking to improve commuter options at your workplace? We can help!

Winnipeg bus stop (Photo: Green Action Centre)

Green Action Centre works with companies and employees to make sustainable commuting options both appealing and within reach. We can provide information and resources to establish supportive policies and programs, benefits, and infrastructure, while tracking progress to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of these changes.

We have worked with a diversity of employers in Manitoba to expand their commuter options through tracking surveys, action plan development, site location evaluations, resources, presentations, and more.

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But where to start? Check out our 7 basic steps for making your workplace commuter friendly. If you need to justify why this is important, learn about making the business case for improving commuter options. Sign up for a FREE training session and become a Commuting Ambassador at your workplace.

Whether you want to achieve a mandate on sustainability or corporate social responsibility, increase employee health and wellness to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism, or simply find a better way to get to work, we can help.

Looking for a fun and unique activity at your next workplace event? Rent Green Action Centre’s bike-powered blender!


Request a presentation or contact us for more information, resources or to arrange a meeting. Call (204) 925-3772 or email: Beth McKechnie / Jessie Klassen

Employee Commuting Surveys

WCO Employee Commuting Surveys

Employee commuting surveys can help your workplace to establish a baseline of how people currently get to work, identify barriers and opportunities for improvements, and determine changes in behaviour after any programs are implemented.

Commuting Ambassador Training

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Sign up for a FREE interactive workshop! Get the tools and guidance to help improve commuter options on-site and support your co-workers to get the most out of their commute.

Active & Green e-newsletter

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Active & Green comes out 4x per year and is filled with interesting news related to commuting in Winnipeg – walking, cycling, carpooling, transit and telecommuting. Sign up today!

Commuter Friendly Workplace Awards

Dennis Cunningham, Environmental Sustainability Manager for Assiniboine Credit Union, presents the 2013 Gold Award to Janice Gair, VP Human Resources and Corporate Services for IISD.

Get recognized as a corporate environmental leader with Green Action Centre’s Commuter Friendly Workplace Awards.

About the Commuter Challenge

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The Commuter Challenge is an annual week-long, friendly national competition that encourages individuals and workplaces to explore greener transportation options.

Smart Trips

Incentives used for participants in community-based travel marketing projects (Photo: Green Action Centre)

The Smart Trips program is designed to help employees change their travel behaviour from driving alone to more sustainable modes. Learn how here.


Order your low cost helmets by November 7th

The order deadline is November 7th for the Province of Manitoba’s low cost bike helmet initiative. Learn more here.

Celebrating 10 Years Idle Free

Celebrate 10 years idle free with Climate Change Connection!

Highlights from Mayoral forum on the environment

It was standing room only at the Winnipeg mayoral candidates forum on the environment held September 30th. Didn’t make it there? Check out the questions asked and find a link to a video recording of the lively debate here.

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Widening Kenaston

On January 25, Winnipeg City Council voted to approve a preliminary plan to widen Kenaston Boulevard from 4 lanes to 6 between Ness and Taylor Avenues. Read the Green Action Centre brief on the project.

Pay as you drive

Car drivers in Manitoba enjoy some of the lowest insurance rates in Canada. However, the way we pay for our insurance may encourage us to drive more than we need to. Given the costs driving imposes on our infrastructure, our health care system and our environment, shouldn’t we be giving incentives for people who drive less?

Kids on the Move: Child and Youth Friendly Land-Use and Transport Planning Guidelines for Manitoba

These guidelines were developed as tools for municipal transportation and land-use planners to achieve transportation and land-use arrangements that meet the needs of children and youth — and everyone else.

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David Suzuki at Work

The David Suzuki Foundation has created a great tool and resource for any and all eco-minded business women and men wanting to empower their co-workers into building a sustainable workplace.

Bike Winnipeg

Bike Winnipeg provides the latest news on commuter cycling issues, upcoming events, and tons of resources to advocate for improved cycling conditions in your community. And much more!

Victoria Transport Policy Institute

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute offers a wealth of information on sustainable transportation for free on its website to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis.