Celebrating 30 years


Green Action Centre promotes composting for all Manitobans by providing information, resources and support. We assist residents interested in starting home composting. We also work with schools, workplaces, and communities to develop programs that address their unique requirements. The benefits and rewards of composting are many, so why not take advantage them?

Green Action Centre offers education through presentations and courses, printed materials, and a toll-free compost information line (1-866-394-8880 or in Winnipeg at 204-925-3776). We also co-oordinate dozens of volunteers through our Master Composter Program, an in-depth composting training and volunteer program that helps reach people in communities all across Manitoba.

Composting Basics & Getting Started

Composting - Getting Started Composting

Composting is a great way to reduce landfill-bound waste and convert in into nutrient rich amendment for your garden, shrubs, or even your house plants. Learn the basics about how to get started today!

Why should I compost?

Composting - EnergyAnswers compost_in_hands

Need a good reason to start composting? How about saving money, saving resources, improving your soil and reducing your impact on the environment.

Composting Presentations

Composting - Compost in the garden

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Join us in celebrating International Compost Awareness Week

Vermicomposting uses Red Wriggler worms to convert food waste and organic material into a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer – worm manure! Vermicomposting is a fun and beneficial way to turn garbage into a valuable resource!

Master Composter Program

MC participants turning bins - cropped

The Master Composter Program is an in-depth, hands-on composting course and volunteer program offered by Green Action Centre.


What’s it like to work at Green Action Centre?

30th Anniversary Guest Blog: Two staff members who have been around the block a few times share the inside scoop on working here.

It’s the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a national contest to benefit charities like Green Action Centre. Every dollar donated in June enters us to win a $10,000 donation to support our social enterprise, Compost Winnipeg. The more you give, the more chances we have to win!

Looking back, looking ahead

30th Anniversary Guest Blog: Dennis Cunningham shares his experiences with us over the last 17 years in his capacity as a member, volunteer, donor, and client; time, he says, spent focused on the delivery of programming, services and solutions toward fostering sustainability in Manitoba.

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Waste diversion and industry

Green Action Centre’s discussion paper on the challenges and possible solutions for Winnipeg to achieve higher waste diversion rates for the ICI and C&D sectors in Manitoba (download here).

Greening Manitoba’s Budget

Green Action Centre submitted a list of proposals to the Province to make Manitoba’s economy and budget more environmentally sustainable. Read the 5 key recommendations here.

Beverage Container Recycling-Getting to 75% and Beyond

Green Action Centre calls for a comprehensive approach to waste issues, including composting of organics, programs for the institutional and commercial sector, and an integrated waste reduction plan for Winnipeg.

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Composting Links

Find links on everything from where to get compost bins and supplies to where to buy your red wrigglers or how to build your own pet waste digester!