Commuter Challenge


june 5 – 11, 2016

The Commuter Challenge is an annual friendly competition that encourages individuals and workplaces to explore greener transportation options to and from work for personal, environmental and community health. Registration for 2016 is ready for you! Register your workplace (only one person needs to do this, communication is key here), register with a workplace, or register yourself.

It’s Coming; Warm Weather and Commuter Challenge!

The 2016 Commuter Challenge is almost upon us and it’s about time we put a little fun into this intense climate change discussion. Who wants to sit and talk about policy when you can bike, walk or bus to work and be solving the same problem? (And possibly win prizes!) So here we go, let’s flaunt our alternative transit this year; gold walking shoes tied, chromed out bike tires pumped, and bus tickets in hand (no need to add fancy adjectives here you’re on the bus that is fancy enough). Let’s ramp it up again this year, and make it last!

(* Disclaimer-policy is a very important element in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly province, it just happens to be a little dry sometimes)

From June 5th to 11th we are asking on all friendly Manitobans to put on their game faces and sign up their workplaces for the Commuter Challenge. This year we are taking friendly competition to a new level, battle for the best to win the title in your sector! Finance, Hospitality, Law, Retail, Engineer whomever you identify with, bring home bragging rights!

(*Disclaimer- Green Action Centre promotes fair play and will not be held responsible for hurt feelings or egos)

We’ve teamed up with all the local businesses that have helped us to bring you tonnes (note this is a long tonne not a short ton) of great prizes. You could win weekend passes to the Winnipeg Folk Festival, a $500 travel voucher for VIA Rail, Weekend passes to Interstellar Rodeo at the Forks, and much, much more!

But of course, the Commuter Challenge wouldn’t be the success that it is without the help and dedication of hundreds of Workplace Coordinators throughout the province.

What’s a Workplace Coordinator? Workplace Coordinators are the people who sign up their workplace on the Commuter Challenge tracking site, and then encourage their coworkers to sign up. It’s as simple as that and only takes a few minutes. To help maximize your recruiting, Green Action Centre will be hosting a Workplace Coordinator Orientation and Luncheon on May 18th from 12:00 to 1:00pm in the Carol Shields Auditorium at the Millennium Library. This FREE lunch is a great way to meet other coordinators, get pumped about the challenge, and brainstorm new and fun ways to increase participation at your workplace. We’ll also hear from our Workplace Commuter Options Program to hear how to keep the momentum going throughout the year.

Space is limited so please RSVP to!


Commuters of Manitoba

Bonus points: When the sidewalks along this street were refinished, there was a design glitch with the bike racks. What street in Winnipeg is this?

You may have seen the popular phenomenon this year entitled Humans of New York. It’s cool to see a glimpse into the lives of everyday…

Coordinator’s Corner

Are you the Commuter Challenge coordinator for your workplace? This handy page ensures everything you need is right at your fingertips. From the poster link to tracking forms and a resource guide.

Why Participate? How Does It Work?

There are at least four great reasons to participate in Commuter Challenge: Environmental, Financial, Health … and Prizes!

2016 Commuter Challenge Prizes

Check out our list of awesome prizes for the 2016 Commuter Challenge participants! A big thank you to all our prize donors this year. More prizes are being added weekly.

Commuter Stories

Many Winnipeg commuters have been inspired by the Commuter Challenge to adopt new ways of getting to work. Listen to the stories of these Winnipeggers who have reaped the rewards of sustainable commuting.

Inter-sectoral Commuter Challenge!

This year, we thought that it might not be enough to compete against other organizations of similar size, we will also be pitting you…

Clean Air Day 2016


Register your school now for Clean Air Day. Celebrate your student’s achievements for Bike to School Month!

Commuter Challenge Social Media

Share your involvement in the Commuter Challenge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with these exciting graphics we’ve created just for you!


Pedalling with my pooch

A dog can add lots of activity to your life, but that often means traveling to parks and paths in your car. This year, I vowed to get out with my dog on my bike!

Commuter Challenge – Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Manitoba’s 2016 Commuter Challenge.

Office Bike Fleets

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bike to your nearby meeting? Start an office bike fleet program, and next time, you can!

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Field Trip Series: Green Action Goes to the Recycling Plant

This rendering of our trip to the Emterra Recycling Plant helps explain why and how Winnipeg recycle bins get put to use!

Less driving: Boosting bottom lines and productivity

Employees today are less interested in a long commute and more interested in employers that offer alternatives to depending on a car to get to work. Avison Young presents arguments why it benefits corporations to pay attention along with three key strategies to minimize personal vehicle use.

Active commuting improves psychological well-being

Want to improve your mental health? This longitudinal survey from the UK shows a positive link between walking, cycling and even transit with psychological well-being.

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Canada Water Week

Water is our most important resource. Without it, life on earth could…

David Suzuki at Work

The David Suzuki Foundation has created a great tool and resource for any and all eco-minded business women and men wanting to empower their co-workers into building a sustainable workplace.

The Story of Electronics

Over the past three years, Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff Project have released several short cartoon videos on aspects of the materials economy. Their latest film is The Story of Electronics. The film takes aim at TVs filled with lead, DVDs that can’t be fixed and computer product lines for which the only green alternative is an abacus.

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