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Submission for a Made-in Manitoba Climate and Green Plan In 2016-2017, the Province of Manitoba requested submissions during a consultation process for the Made-In Manitoba Climate and Green Plan. The Green Action Centre drafted our views on what this plan could look like. Ordinary citizens creating change for 30 years Thirty years ago, a group of ordinary citizens came...

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Food Our food choices directly affect our health and the health of our planet. Yet, surprisingly, few of us know what is in our food and where it’s produced. We are unaware unaware of potential risks that could affect ourselves or our communities. The way food is grown, processed, transported, consumed and disposed of has...

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Climate Change and Energy

Climate Change and Energy Our climate is changing. The impacts are being felt around the globe. A changing climate impacts virtually all of the ecological processes that drive our planet — atmosphere, oceans, fresh water, landforms, heat distribution, weather, and more.  Systems on which human communities depend for agriculture, drinking water, energy, transportation, and raw materials...

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Waste Reduction

Start by rethinking how much you really need to buy, use and discard in the first place. Maybe there are alternatives that will do the job in place of a new purchase. For the things we do need, recycling and composting are simple, easy ways for everyone to make a positive impact on our environment....

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Transportation in Manitoba, including road, rail, marine, air and off-road vehicles, is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions associated with climate change. It  accounts for 37% of GHG emissions in our province. And the largest contributor within the road transportation sector is the ‘light-duty vehicles’ category – which primarily means passenger vehicles. Providing Manitobans...

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