The 5 E’s

School Travel Plans work best when they consider all Five E’s:

  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Evaluation

To get you started with active school travel programs, our Program Handbook includes resources to address all 5 E’s of a successful school travel plan.

2017, Making Children CountA call to action to increase active school travel! This report is a snapshot of Manitoba and includes study results, health challenges faced by youth, and possible actions to improve rates of active school travel.

Saving Money and Time with Active School Travel. You might have heard that schools and teachers simply don’t have the resources to focus on how kids are getting to school. We put those arguments to rest.

ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth is the most comprehensive assessment of child and youth physical activity in Canada. The Report Card is full of information on how the status quo, which limits children’s opportunities to active and independent play, is harmful to their health.



Goal: foster the skills, confidence, and awareness to allow students to walk and wheel to school safely
Stakeholders: schools, school boards, police services, public health
Examples: traffic safety training, cycling skills workshops, school route mapping


Walking resources

 Walktober or Winter Walk Day

Cycling resources

  •  Bike to School Month
  • Winter Bike to School Day
  • MPI Cycling Safety Presentations. MPI Offers Cycling Safety Bike Rodeos to children in grades 1-4. These are free of charge
  • Start a Bike Repair Shop and Program in Your School or Community. Our friends at The Wrench have helped a number of schools start bike shops on site. How to get started, where to get funding, how to develop a credit course — they answer all your questions. The manual also includes a list of schools with bike programming, if you’re curious.
  • BEST Program 

School Policy Guidance

Manitoba Schools are committed to Sustainable and Healthy Schools.

Write an Active School Travel Policy. An active school travel policy helps to guide the school in promoting walking, biking and rolling, as well as delineate responsibilities.

2011, Guide for Sustainable Schools in Manitoba. Manitoba Education worked with The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to help schools be examples of sustainability.

Lesson plans for teachers

Curriculum Ties

We have  compiled Classroom Resources for teaching Active School Travel, Waste Reduction, and Composting

Examples of education-focused initiatives:



Goal: inspiring students, parents and school staff to try active travel modes
Stakeholders: school staff, school councils, school boards, elected officials, public health
Examples: walk and wheel events, walking school bus,

Walk and Wheel events

School communities can promote walking and wheeling by participating in seasonal events that are celebrated by schools across Canada every year:

  • October: Walk to School Month
  • February: Winter Walk Day and Winter Bike to School Day
  • May/June: Bike to School Week

Visit our Walk and Wheel events page for information and resources.

Cultivating Independence

Many parents drive because they aren’t confident in their children’s ability to get to school safely on their own. It’s important to have this conversation, as these beliefs can reduce the effectiveness of other programs

  • Research Supporting Healthier Kids
  • A toolkit for helping parents manage anxieties around allowing their children more freedoms.
  • The Let Grow Project: Not your typical homework: go home and ask your parents to do something on your own!
  • Japan’s Independent Kids: A short YouTube video about how capable kids can be if we let them.

Province-Wide Count/BikeWalkRoll

It’s a friendly competition to see which schools are walking and biking the most! In October, February, and May, we call on every school in Manitoba to collect survey data on how their kids are getting to school.

Parent Council Presentations

Parent councils can be major allies when it comes to promoting active school travel, or raising funds for things like bike racks. The Active and Safe Routes to School Program regularly presents to parent groups on why and how we can support getting kids to school actively and independently.

Weekly Programs

Help families work active school travel into their lives bit by bit with a weekly program. Known under many names, a school “Walking Wednesday”, “Footloose Friday”, or biking club can really make a different in how families perceive walking or wheeling to school.

    Walking School Bus

    A Walking School Bus is a group of children walking together under the supervision of one or more leaders or “drivers,” following a prescribed route and schedule. Like a regular school bus, a Walking School Bus offers a safe, dependable, healthy, and green way for children to get to school instead of being driven by car.

    Resources and case studies:

    For useful tips on setting-up a Walking School Bus see the Step-by-Step Guide published by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership (USA).


    Goal: creating safe and accessible school sites, neighbourhoods and routes to school
    Stakeholders: school staff, boards, municipalities
    Examples: traffic and wayfinder signs, parking restrictions, crosswalk improvements, crossing guards




    Goal: ensure traffic and parking rules are obeyed to improve safety at and around schools
    Stakeholders: police services, municipal bylaw staff, school staff, boards
    Examples: monitor speed, ticket traffic violations, supervise student drop-off locations





    Goal: use data to design effective solutions, measure success, and demonstrate impact
    Stakeholders: school boards, public health, ASRTS and STPFacilitators, municipalities
    Examples: walking and cycling audit, school travel survey, traffic counts, family travel survey


    • A simple but valuable tool to figure out how students are getting to school in your community, division, or region!
    • the CounterPoint App is a useful tool for traffic counts