Our events can be seamlessly tied into the Manitoba curricula for science, social studies, physical education/health, and other subjects. For a list of curriculum ties by grade level, please refer to Chapter 6 of our Handbook & Resource Guide.

Here’s what teachers had to say about International Walk to School Month 2017:

“Our IWalk ensured that everyone walked. Busses that typically come right to the front door had instead chosen a stop about 1km away. An awesome tradition that we have continued to participate in!”

” I totally love the visual of sneakers and tires for students who complete the route. Can’t wait to do it again in the Spring time.”

“It is a great opportunity and motivator for students to get outside and transport themselves to school without the use of a vehicle!

“It is a way for us to reinforce exercise with our students. It calls attention to how we arrive at school and encourages some to walk or at least to park a little further from the school! I think it is a great event.”

Bike to School Month — May 7-June 6, 2018

As spring arrives in May, it’s a great time to celebrate by taking the bike out more often! Click here to learn more.

Province Wide Counts — Next Count May 14-19, 2018

It’s important to know where we are so we can decide out where to go! Three times a year, we ask teachers across Manitoba to survey their students about how they get to school.

Clean Air Day — June 6, 2018

On Clean Air Day, we celebrate students’ achievements during Bike to School Month. Get the details here.

International Walk to School Month (IWALK) — October 2018