Getting Around

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Travel is part of our daily life – to the grocery store, library, a friend’s house or the movie theatre. You need to get there, but you don’t want to sit and stew in traffic, or burn a lot of gas and money in the process. Find an option that fits your schedule and budget.

Walking and cycling

Pull on your comfy running shoes or tune up your bike to discover how easy, fun and fast it can be to get to work on foot or by bike.


Taking the bus is an inexpensive and easy way to get around. If you haven’t tried it in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the new features. Try transit!


Share a ride sometimes or every day. Drive always, sometimes or never. Whatever your reasons, carpooling can work for you.


Put in a full day of work without even leaving the house. You can save yourself the time and stress of the daily commute by working from home.

Fuel efficient driving

Reduce your fuel consumption, save money at the pump, and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. Learn more about ecoDriving!

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Practical Living Tips

2014 Commuter Friendly Workplace Award Winner

Gold – Health in Common Congratulations to the 2014 winner of the…

Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge

En français Frolic in the snow and celebrate winter Manitoba-style! Sign up…

Cycling through winter

Riding in the winter can be challenging, but you can extend your cycling season through the winter with a little planning and the right gear.

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Budget 2015: A Green Budget for a Green Economy

When Finance Minister Greg Dewar invited public submissions for Budget 2015, we responded by proposing A Green Budget for a Green Economy.

Health in Common awarded ‘Gold’ as 2014 Commuter Friendly Workplace

Kudos to Health in Common for picking up the 2014 “Gold” Award! Check out the innovative ways in which this workplace supports its employees to walk, bike, take transit or carpool to work.

Another record year for Cycle of Giving!

Another record year for Cycle of Giving with 366 reconditioned bikes built for less fortunate children in Winnipeg. You can still help by donating to help The WRENCH provide bicycle programming throughout the year.

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Mobilizing Knowledge on AT in Canada

This report summarizes effective approaches to Active Transportation across Canada, as well…

Millennials in Motion: Changing Travel Habits of Young Americans

Data over the past 10 years is showing a marked decline in…

Associations between active travel, public transit and lower BMI

Turns out that if you bike, walk or take transit to work, you’re more likely to have a lower BMI (body mass index) and body fat percentage than those who drive.

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David Suzuki at Work

The David Suzuki Foundation has created a great tool and resource for any and all eco-minded business women and men wanting to empower their co-workers into building a sustainable workplace.

Bike Winnipeg

Bike Winnipeg provides the latest news on commuter cycling issues, upcoming events, and tons of resources to advocate for improved cycling conditions in your community. And much more!

Victoria Transport Policy Institute

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute offers a wealth of information on sustainable transportation for free on its website to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis.