Winnipeg Transit electronic display board (Photo: Green Action Centre)

Taking the bus is an inexpensive and easy way to get around. If you haven’t tried it in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the new features. It’s time to try transit!

Many buses now have easy access low-floor entry and air-conditioning to keep you cool. Digital “Next Stop” displays on all buses make it easy to get off at the right stop. Real-time electronic display boards at major bus stops let you know when your next bus is coming.

And watch for the new smart card that is coming soon. No need to get a new bus pass each month or individual tickets – just load up what you need online or at designated outlets! Here’s some frequently asked questions regarding the new smart card.

Plan your trip

Avoid waiting for your bus – get info before you go! Navigo is Winnipeg Transit’s award-winning online trip planner. Type in where you’re starting from and where you want to go then let Navigo do the rest. You’ll get up to five options including routes and schedules with a detailed map to show you where to go.

Call Telebus at 204-287-7433 anytime for automated schedules for a specific bus stop. You can also still pick up a pocket timetable at any Winnipeg library branch or Winnipeg Transit kiosk.

New technology features include BUStxt (287898), which provides real-time transit information using the texting features of your mobile device. Text to find out the nearest stop, bus schedules or when your bus is expected to arrive. Check out the BUStxt user guide online at Winnipeg Transit.

App that trip! There are numerous apps available to plan your trip in real time from the convenience of your phone. Or check out Winnipeg Transit’s mobile website.

Save money with EcoPass

Winnipeg bus stop (Photo: Green Action Centre)

Workplaces that sign on to Winnipeg Transit’s EcoPass program can offer a discounted monthly bus pass to their employees. Your company decides on the amount of discount to offer – from 5% to 100%. Winnipeg Transit rebates a portion of this discount back to your company and the employee pays the balance. For many companies, the EcoPass is less than the cost of providing free or subsidized employee parking.

Winnipeg Transit has found that at participating employers, transit ridership was up 45% within 30 months after the program had begun. (Transport Canada, “EcoPass: Employer-Sponsored Transit Passes” case study, 2004)

Claim your tax credit

Did you know about the federal Public Transit Tax Credit on the cost of monthly or weekly bus passes? Be sure to keep your transit passes and receipts as back-up to your income tax return. Find the details here.

Park & Ride

If you live outside Winnipeg or far from bus connections, consider booking a parking spot at one of Winnipeg Transit’s designated parking lots and riding the rest of the way. Save money on parking and avoid the stress of rush hour traffic.

Give me shelter

If the stop near your workplace does not have a shelter, try contacting Winnipeg Transit to see if the stop is busy enough to warrant one. Or an employer may choose to arrange to provide a shelter to support their employees who take the bus to work.

Hop on a FREE Downtown Spirit

Take a free ride on one of the three Downtown Spirit bus routes to major destinations in the downtown area. Run a few errands over lunchtime or try out a new restaurant that’s further from your office.