Greening the ClassroomFrom hands-on projects to personal responsibility, the tips, projects, and concepts outlined in this guide take a community-based approach to learning about environmental issues.

School ServicesComposting, biking, walking, professional development. We can help you reach your ESD goals.

Master List of Resources. Ideas for action, hot topics, and ideas on how to live greener. Appropriate for many ages.

Environmental ABC’s. Environment-themed words for every letter of the alphabet.

Earth Manners
Greenhouse Gas Review
Packaging Activity Sheet
Paper Facts
Supermarket Stroll
Water Backgrounder


Planning and Implement Active Travel Programming

Curriculum Connections

Active Travel Events

Colouring Sheets

Collecting Data

  • Neighbourhood Walkability Audit. Take a tour of your community with your class to see how walkable the neighbourhood is.
  • BikeWalkRoll – Our 30 second classroom surveys help everyone understand how students travel to school across Manitoba. To complete a survey on BikeWalkRoll, simply ask the students in your class how they traveled to school, and record the various modes of transportation.
  • CounterPoint – Designed to count bicycles, pedestrians and all forms of traffic, for better planning. Counting traffic is a normal part of planning transportation, but right now, not everyone gets counted. We are changing that. Get your class involved in counting all the different transportation modes around the school neighbourhood.

For Parents

Spark Conversation in the Classroom

  • Active School Travel CalendarFind ways for your class to celebrate  all year long with this Active School Travel Calendar.
  • Anti-Idling Video — Our friends at Climate Change Connection made this 3-minute video about why Manitobans should turn off their cars when idling, especially around schools. Starring students from Rockwood School in Winnipeg.
  • Bike Trivia — Fun facts about bike history, safety, and achievements