With huge snowbanks, freezing temperatures and slippery conditions, it is too dangerous for children to walk to and from school during the winter.

Myth Busted!

Winter weather conditions should be no reason for your family to avoid going outside. It is usually just a matter of planning and preparation to make outdoor activity, such as walking to and from school, both doable and enjoyable. Making sure your child is dressed warmly with as much of their body covered as possible, as they are particularly susceptible to heat loss and frostbite, is a key consideration before they leave the house.  It may seem obvious, but being properly dressed makes such a difference in taking pleasure from the weather! In regards to traffic concerns, by walking with your child, you can teach them important road safety skills such as making sure cars have stopped and eye contact with the driver has been made before stepping from the curb, or looking left-right then left again before crossing. There may seem to be less incentive to being outdoors during the winter, but showing your child that it can be easy and fun (as one member noted she does this by sledding her children to school) leads to a lifetime of wonderful winter activity.

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