Event Ideas – Dozens of ideas for ways to celebrate Walk to School Month, from simple to elaborate.  Use the ideas that work best for your school.

Online Registration – Register your school for Walk to School Month.  It’s quick, easy, and free!

Online Tally Sheet – For recording events done and student participation.  Please submit by November 13th.

Download the iWalk poster – Bilingual

Download the iWalk sticker

Plan your event in seven days or less! – Crunched for time but want to participate? iWalk doesn’t have to be elaborate. Use these tips to plan a simple, yet fun event!

Student take-home letter to parents/guardians

Walking and Biking Safety Tips for Kids

Six of the best reasons to walk to school

Colouring pages:

For more English or French posters or stickers, contact active.events@greenactioncentre.ca.

IWalk links

International Walk to School is the official website for the international event.  The website is full of great resources, ideas, photos, and quotes.

IWALK in the USA is maintained by the USA’s National Centre for Safe Routes.  This page has great tips and resources for planning Walk to School events during IWALK month (October) and throughout the year.

Active and Safe Routes to School Resources