School Travel Planning gets the whole community working together to remove physical and attitudinal barriers to active school travel and develop a unique written plan for each school. A key component of the STP approach includes the use of regular data collection that allows stakeholders to quantify the effectiveness of their School Travel Plan overtime.

Choose a School Travel Planning Facilitator

The process typically unfolds under the guidance of a STP Facilitator who guides community stakeholders – including school staff, parents, municipal transportation engineers, public health staff and police – through the five phase process:

1. Program Set-UpChart Showing Five Phases of School Travel Planning
2. Data Collection & Problem   Identification
3. Action Planning
4. Implementation
5. Ongoing Monitoring

The Canadian STP framework developed by Green Communities Canada (GCC) is flexible so that it accommodates different geographical and social compositions and varying levels of local program resources. Any community can use it.

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