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So what is GoManitoba

If you are reading this, you might be a new or potential user of GoManitoba and are wondering just how to go about making this site work for you. Welcome!

GoManitoba is a province-wide commuting tool bringing the RideShark technology to our prairie province. This technology allows citizens from across Manitoba to connect with like-minded people to share commutes, save money, time and relieve congestion. RideShark is most often thought of as a way to find carpool partners, but the functions of the site go well beyond that.

To get started, you need to register into the system. Simply click the Register button on the top, right-hand side of your screen.

Click the Register button to get started. You’ll need to verify your email message through an automatic email sent by the site. Be sure that emails from the site will go to your inbox, not spam. 

From here, input your personal contact details. If you have a work email address, we recommend using that email as your primary contact, so the system can let you know if matches are coworkers or go to school at the same place as you.

The Dashboard has many functions for you to access.

Once registered, you will find yourself at the Dashboard. These drag-and-drop boxes can be arranged as you like. The Dashboard is the space you use to create your trip profiles, find contests that you can enter (currently we are running a contest for multiple draws eligible to the first 5,000 users onto the site), update your personal information, and more!

During the coming year, Green Action Centre, and individual partner workplaces, will begin to utilize the Contests and other features to reward individuals using the system. For now, the main thing you want to do is create your Trip Profiles.

Create profiles for the trips you make each week to find commuting options and potential matches for carpooling, transit or biking.

Create Trip Profiles for the commutes you regularly make. We all have routine trips, be they to work, school, or regular errands. GoManitoba will use this data to find commute matches for you. Simply hit the Green “+” button in the Trip Profiles window.  Create profiles for any recurring trips you make, whether it’s to your workplace, to school, to a weekly meeting, or different shifts.

Click on the magnifying glass to Find Commute Options.

Once you have trip profiles created, you can click on the magnifying glass on the left-hand side of your screen, which is Find Commute Options. You can also click on the Find My Commute Options search button. If you have more than one Trip Profile, you can toggle between them here. As more and more users join the system, you will see people who match with you for carpooling, biking or taking transit. Simply click on these matches to find out more about them, and if you are looking for a carpool partner, or maybe a transit or cycling mentor, you can choose to email them. Remember, just like you’re only seeing their first name, image and basic commuting details, they are also seeing only basic information about you. If the individual responds to your message, be sure to review our tips for creating a successful carpool and meet with the person in a public place to ensure the fit is right for you.

Remember to ensure messages sent to you will reach your inbox, not your spam filter. You can test this by creating a test trip with a co-worker or friend. Send messages to each other to ensure you are receiving the messages via email or text as you like, and then you can delete that test trip from your profile. Having any issues? Email us at

Now you are ready to log your commutes, which will calculate calories burned, emission reductions and money saved!

Under For Commuters, select Log My Trips. Here you will see all of the commuting modes on the left hand side. RideShark has created a handy video guide for using the Commute Calendar, which you can view by clicking the red camera on the top, right-hand side of the screen.

Click on the red camera icon to watch a video all about using the Commute Calendar.

Simply log your trips from the past month, and then in the future just set a time once a day or once a week to go in and log your trips. By downloading the GoManitoba app to your phone, you can access the functions of the website anywhere the internet takes you.

Check out the Options buttons on the homepage to learn some handy tips and how-tos for using various modes of transportation.

If you are setting up a carpool but are unsure of how to fairly set a price, you can use the Commute Calculator, also on the homepage.

And remember, the more people join the website, the better all of the functions will work. So help us spread the word about GoManitoba to your friends, coworkers and family!