Winter can be the perfect time of year to get around without your car. With the right gear, attitude, and planning, a trip to work, school or the grocery store can turn into an opportunity for fresh air, exercise, and fun! Get to your destination satisfied and safely with our winter tips.


  • Commuting Options – If you’re used to getting around by car, but want to try something new, GoManitoba is a great place to start. GoManitoba is a commute tracking tool that allows you to find travel matches for carpooling, walking, cycling, and transit.


  • Extend your Cycling Season – Read our in-house tips and tricks for Cycling Through Winter for more information on clothing choices, equipment, and route planning you’ll need for a successful winter riding experience.


  • Get an A for Active School Travel – Continue walking to school in winter. Children need fresh air, even in winter. With the right clothing and route planning, every day can still be a ‘walk to school day’.


  • Hauling Your Loads – Bring a toboggan on your grocery run. There’s no better or more enjoyable way to bring something heavy home than to slide it along behind you on a sled. Young kids also love being pulled along for the ride! Don’t forget their scarf, warm mittens and boots – extremities can get cold when they’re sitting still.


  • Winter Transit 101 – If you have a longer distance to travel, consider taking public transit! That way you don’t have to worry about driving in snowy and icy weather or parking. Here are some tips for taking transit in winter.


  • Try Something New – If you’re in the right location, try skiing, snowshoeing or skating to your destination!


  • Embrace Winter – There’s no better way to celebrate winter than participating in the Jack Frost Challenge. Sign up a team of 1-5 people to skate, bike, ski, snowshoe, run or walk a combined total of 130km the week of February 11th – 17th, 2018.