Get to know your neighbours – at home and at work. Share a ride sometimes or every day. Save on parking, gas and car repairs. Whatever your reasons, carpooling can work for you.

Give a ride/find a ride

Finding friends to carpool with to a concert or a neighbour who works in the same area as you can be pretty straightforward. Finding a co-worker to ride with can be a bit more challenging.

Small workplaces can set up a self-serve bulletin board or map with pins or dots marking home locations. You might be surprised to find co-workers who live near each other or along the same route. Larger workplaces can choose to let a professional company do the ride-matching through online mapping technology (see list below). In this case, the more people registered increases the likelihood of finding a match.

Setting up your own carpool? Here are a few tips to get started [pdf] along with suggestions on finding a fair fee for sharing your ride.

Check out these two personal stories for inspiration and guidance: 6 Guys, 1 Van = 1 Successful Carpool and Carpooling Made Easy.

Ridematching services:

Encouraging carpooling

Carpooling to work (Photo: Green Action Centre)

Workplaces can encourage carpooling by providing preferential parking spots and marking them with signage noting these spaces are for carpoolers only. An example would be a parking spot closest to the entrance. This can be a great means of carpool promotion, especially in the coldest months of winter!

An Emergency Ride Home program at the workplace can make it easier to choose carpooling. It provides a bit of peace of mind when you know you can take a taxi in the event of a family emergency or another unusual event.