Thanks for your interest in Bougeons en Hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge!

Easy Registration Directions:


First things first: Register Your Team Name

One person and only one person registers the team name (likely the most responsible and organized person in your crew).

The team name must be registered first before any team member can register. This fantastic and responsible person must then register themselves as an individual after the team name is created (See Below). Funny team names are encouraged! One witty team will win a prize for ‘Best Name’, which will be determined by popular vote after the challenge.

Hot tip: After you have registered your team name and registered yourself as as an individual, you can go to your ‘Profile’ to access a quick link that can be sent to your team members for easy registration. If you can’t find that link, no worries – your team members can select the team name manually from a drop down box when registering as an individual at the link below.


Step Two: Individual Registration

If you did not take on the stressful task of registering the team name, this does not mean you are any less fantastic of a person. However it does mean you only have to register yourself. You’ll be prompt to choose your team name from a drop down box.

If you’re flying solo (Wow! Good job, superhuman) you can still have a team name. You’ll need to register the team name and then sign up individually. If folks decide to join you on your journey they can be added as they come on board to join your team.


Already Registered? (Gold Star for you!) Go directly to the Login page. You can bookmark the login page for easy access to log your KM’s throughout the week. 


If you run into any problems with registration, be sure to reach out to Liz, our Commuter Challenge Coordinator, at 204-925-3775 or at