UPDATE: The following presentations are available to book for a fee of $50/ presentation. The free presentations for the 2018-19 school year are now completely booked. To book a presentation, please email heather@greenactioncentre.ca or call (204) 925-3777 ext 107.

“We are so thankful that these presentations can be offered free of charge, especially since we are on such tight budgets in schools! I think it’s really important for the students to learn about these critical topics, and I love that you are able to bring the presentations to us!  Thank you for the great experience for our kids!”

If you teach in a public or private school in Winnipeg, your classroom is eligible for one of our free waste reduction or active transportation presentations.


1) What’s Hiding in our Air? (FREE PRESENTATIONS FULLY BOOKED)

60-minute presentation for Grades 1-6 with an outdoor component. Using high-tech tools that measure air quality around your school, this presentation will engage students in discussions on ways to improve air quality with more emissions-free travel, including cycling and walking.

“Wow! We need to stop running cars!”- Grade 5/6 Class
“My students enjoyed going outside to test the air quality. They were very interested in the world map that showed the quality of air quality in various countries.”


2) The Food Cycle & Air Quality: Eating Our Way to Brighter Skies (FREE PRESENTATIONS FULLY BOOKED)

Explores the relationship between air quality and composting, inspiring students to find realistic ways that they can minimize food waste. A 45-minute presentation offered in Grades 1-6 classrooms, this presentation uses an interactive poster to foster critical thinking about our food cycle.

“I loved the interactive poster, so did the children!”
“It’s relevant to the curriculum as well as the ‘life choices’ we are teaching children.”


3) The Food Cycle & Air Quality: Local Choices and Global Impacts (FREE PRESENTATIONS FULLY BOOKED)

60-minute interdisciplinary presentation for Grades 7-12 that connects our local choices around organic waste disposal to the global impacts of climate change. Contemporary art is used as a medium to encourage youth to imagine alternatives for a more sustainable world.

“All the topics fit the grade 10 geography curriculum and grade 12 global issues outcomes.”
“They liked the integration of the artwork, and the prepared questions to help guide them in their note-taking.”


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