Pair your outdoor adventuring with the Jack Frost Challenge! It is a fun way to see how many KMs you can travel in a week with a team of up to five. The dates for 2018 are February 11 – 17! Fun for children of all ages 🙂 More info here on our website.

1. Create a Nature Book: Grab a camera, colored pencils, glue and a notebook and explore nature. Have kids write down observations and draw/ take pictures of trees and animals they see. Maybe you can even make up a creative story about the things you’ve come across together.

2. Evening Hike: All you need is a flashlight or headlamp, and warm winter clothing. Get the family together and take a night hike around the neighborhood. End off the walk with a game of flash-light tag in the backyard!

3. Snow Art: Take your craft time outdoors with snow painting! All you need is some food colouring, water, and a spray bottle! Here are set of instructions to make snow paint.

4. Snow Sports: Set up some nets and get a soccer ball out, play some snow-tackle football, or set up the bases for soccer-baseball. Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer sports in a different way!

5. Winter Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course in the yard with jumps, tunnels and other challenges. You can include your dog as well!

6. Snow Animals: What’s your favourite animal? Challenge yourself to make that animal in the snow – whether it’s a penguin, lion, or alligator! You could even use some snow paint to spruce it up!

7. Tracking: Explore the untrampled edges of local parks after a snowfall to look for animal tracks. For more tips on tracking, see “Stories in the Snow: Tracking for kids.

8. Wandering Winnipeg: Take the family out to visit some of the great places in Winnipeg that encourage outdoor activities, like FortWhyte Alive, the Forks, or Assiniboine Park (to name a few).

9. Build a Bird Feeder: Make some bird feeders together (with recycled materials from around the house), and quietly watch from across the yard as our little feathered friends enjoy! Here is a guide to make bird feeders with orange peels!

10. Icy Wonderland: Take your children over to your local playground and enjoy your child’s favorite summer space transformed by snow and ice. Remind your children to be safe around the ice and enjoy!

11. S’more fun in Winter: These camping classics aren’t just for summer! Start up your backyard fireplace and roast those marshmallows, while enjoying some hot chocolate.

12. Winter Picnic: Find a picnic table or take blankets and pack some sandwiches and hot soup in a thermos!

13. Treasure Hunt: This year-round favorite can be tailored to the season, with clues that refer to icicles and items hidden in snowbanks. Similarly, you can set children off in search of the longest icicle they can find.

14. The Classics: Take the whole family out to your local park, rink, or hill for some good old ice skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or tobogganing!