Workplaces around Winnipeg and across Manitoba typically try to find carpool matches for their employees in one of two ways: by paying for a subscription to an online ridematching program or by coordinating their own matching database for employees. The result is poor uptake and few matches, and minimal success in moving individuals from their current commuting choice of driving alone to a more sustainable mode choice such as carpooling, transit, cycling or walking.

What if all of these employers used the same ridematching system? Our goal is to have one, unified ridematching system for all Manitobans to access, along with customized and individually managed sub-sites for workplaces to offer to their employees. By coordinating a central system where users can seek out matches either through their workplace or the entire region, the opportunities for success in finding a match are substantially increased.

RideShark Sub-site Highlights:

  • Custom Branding and URL: Your workplace’s branding, text and images.
  • Multi-modal Solution: Supports all sustainable travel options like carpooling, vanpooling, cycling, walking, transit and telework.
  • Advanced Matching Technology: RideShark’s matching algorithms are the most advanced in the world. They match users based on proximity to origin, destination, actual travel route, and personal preferences.
  • Incentives & Gamification: Reward your users for logging their trips. You set the rules and incentives!
  • 24/7 Administrative Portal: Access your information at any time securely. Filter, map, export your data at any time.
  • Trip Logging Calendar: RideShark’s trip logging calendar allows users to log their sustainable trips – a diary for commute activity!
  • Data Privacy and Security: Database security is RideShark’s priority. Using the latest technologies available, they make sure that your data is protected and stored in Canada.
  • Unlimited Administrators: RideShark offers multiple administration levels so you can assign roles and responsibilities for strategic areas of your program.

RideShark Demo:

RideShark Demo from RideShark on Vimeo.

Find out more about this program by reading our GoManitoba Info Sheet.

We are thrilled to be moving forward with this program! We are working with seven organizations who have stepped forward to support bringing the RideShark technology to Manitoba. We have branded the program as GoManitoba, and our goal is to launch the site by the Commuter Challenge in June! This timeline is tight, but the staff at RideShark are top-notch and we believe this deadline is possible.

In June, we will announce the GoManitoba program and our Founding Partners. Do you want to bring GoManitoba to your workplace with a dedicated sub-site? Contact us at or call 204.925.3772 as soon as possible to join us, and see your organization recognized as a Founding Partner of GoManitoba.

Can you still create a sub-site for your business after the June launch? Yes! In order to launch the technology, we needed a base of support large enough to cover the up-front costs that Green Action Centre would incur by building the site and the sub-sites. We will recognize these early adopters as our Founding Partners. But in order to get the most success out of GoManitoba, we need to get as many Manitobans using the site as possible.

We are currently applying for grants and funding opportunities to hit the road and recruit employee sub-sites across the province. We see GoManitoba as an excellent opportunity to bring alternative transportation options to communities outside of Winnipeg where public and active transportation options are limited, and RideSharing offers the opportunity for substantial impact.

The Importance of Ridesharing:

  • Carpooling programs in Manitoba have been mostly unsuccessful in finding matches for participants.
  • Interest in carpooling established in various employee commuting surveys conducted by Workplace Commuter Options.
  • New technologies are available to enhance our current carpooling systems.
  • Ridematches now go beyond carpooling to include cycling, walking and transit matches.
  • We want to encourage a shift in mode choices, to more sustainable options.

Benefits of Carpooling:

  • Get to know your co-workers/ neighbours
  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Save money
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

** See this blog post for the difference between carsharing, ridesharing, ridematching, and ridehailing! **

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