Coordinator’s Corner

Commuter Challenge at your workplace 

Green Action Centre is here to help you bring the Commuter Challenge to your workplace. Each year, hundreds of people register their workplace and act as their workplace coordinator. Step 1 is to register your workplace if you haven’t yet, and then make use of the resources below to increase participation with your team!

Your role as Commuter Challenge Coordinator is important: you act as the local liaison between your workplace and Commuter Challenge, you are the in-house expert, and (perhaps most importantly) the cheerleader and sometimes the whip to encourage your workplace to succeed in the challenge! It can be a big task but you don’t have to do it alone!

The 2017 Commuter Challenge Poster + Handbill
Feel free to download, print and place these in as many places as possible!!

The Commuter Challenge Workplace Coordinator Guide 2017 (Click Here to Download PDF)
This is your go-to guide for everything Commuter Challenge and is the resource that informs you on the step-by-step and practical needs of a successful week. In it, you will find reasons for taking the challenge, workplace coordination tips, logging participant commutes, ideas for building participation, a prize list, and our sponsors and partners for the event.

2017 Prize List! Click here
Sharing prize lists can be a super fun way to incentive people to join the challenge and track their green commute KMs! Some workplaces budget for their own in-house prizes for their teams which motivates their workplaces even further. Green Action Centre always has some great prizes lined that you can advertise with your teams as well. Check back because the list keeps growing!

Commuter Bingo 
This is a fun activity coordinators have developed and used over the years to encourage participation & fun at their workplace. Participants can download the doc and try to complete 5 actions in a row to win a prize. You will need to arrange and award the prizes for your workplace yourself. Feel free to download this Green Commuter Bingo sheet for your use, or use it as inspiration to create your own!

Helpful coordinator links: 

Help recruit new workplaces & Win!

Each year we strive to grow the Commuter Challenge and get even more workplaces participating, so we decided to add another layer to this years’ challenge! Every time you successfully recruit a new workplace coordinator to get their workplace in on the fun – both you and them will be entered to win a 50$ prize pack which includes Gift Certificates to the Forks Market and Dinner & Movie passes for two in the exchange. Download the letter template below and forward it to your friends or local businesses.

Additionally, the first FIVE new workplaces who sign up through this referral process will be offered a complimentary presentation/workshop with Green Action Centre (a 150$ value!) from our commuting series, listed here.

  • Download this letter template, personalize your message & invite new workplaces!
  • They will then need to register their workplace and list you as their referral person using this online form.

Downloadable Stickers! 
Everybody. Loves. Stickers. That’s why we’re sharing our awesome sticker files with you! Feel free to download the pictures below and format to your preferred circular sticker paper from your local office supply store or from a distributor such as ULINE. Contact us if you would like to purchase an order of stickers prepared by Green Action Centre at 3$/page – 12 stickers per page. Limited quantity available. Stickers designed by Deanna Bogaski.

Bike! sticker || Bus! sticker || Walk! sticker || Carpool! Sticker Coming Soon