Winter Walk and Wheel Week

February 4-8, 2019

Active School Travel numbers dip with weather conditions, When it rains, snows, or gets cold, parents often choose to drive their children even when they would normally allow them to walk or wheel. Winter Walk and Wheel Week aims to put the fun back into winter, and help kids embrace the unique opportunities the winter brings! After all, if students can play outside at recess, shouldn’t they be able to handle a bit of a chill?

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Winter Walk and Wheel FAQ
  • What is Winter Walk and Wheel Week?

Manitoba has cold winters with lots of snow, but our enthusiasm for cold weather has been waning over the decades, compared to some parts of the world where they embrace and even love the opportunities winter brings. Winter events like “Winter Walk Day” are celebrated all over North America around the first Wednesday in February, and aim to get students, parents, and teachers to rethink driving kids to school when the temperature dips. In Manitoba, we tie the event to a similar push for adults, the “Jack Frost Challenge”. 

  • How do I sign up?

Click on the “Register” button, just above this FAQ! Fill out the form and you will receive resources and planning tips from us as the event approaches!

  • Why should I do Winter Walk and Wheel Walk?

Children’s health. Children need activity to develop physically and mentally, but they are sedentary like no generation before them, which has led to an increase in associated health conditions like depression, obesity, and sleep irregularities. Fearing for kids’ safety has also led to a sharp curbing of childrens’ freedom to explore their neighbourhoods independently.

The environment. There is an urgent need to reduce our energy use and shift away from fossil fuels, to minimize the impacts of climate change and air pollution that can affect the development of young bodies.

Strain on teachers. Being active in the morning is proven to increase children’s ability to focus, improving behaviour and academic performance.

Active school numbers are already low in warm months, and they go even lower in winter. Events like this give students and their families a chance to see that it’s really not so bad to be outside for a few minutes, and to overcome the barriers they face to getting around more on foot or on wheels , such as traffic concerns, lack of safety training, and lack of winter maintenance. The momentum from events like this can carry into discussions about making active travel easier all year.

  • What about kids that can’t participate?

Winter Walk and Wheel Week can and should include all students. Whether students are walking, using a wheelchair, or bike to school doesn’t matter. For kids who live more than a reasonable walk or wheel from the school, drop-off zones can be set up to allow children to walk part-way from a bus or car.

  • I don’t have the time to do this by myself, but I’m interested! Can you help?

Absolutely! We provide ready-made resources and activity ideas for teachers, but we encourage teachers to scale the event based on what resources they have available. No matter what, we recommend engaging your school community fully—your division administration, parent council, sustainability committee, and student green team— for help in planning and promoting your events.

Ideas and Materials

Looking for handouts, event ideas, and curriculum tie-ins? Visit our Resources for Teachers Page.

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