Bike to School Month

Any time between May 7 – June 6, 2018

Canadian children aren’t biking as much as they could be. While only 2% of Canadian kids bike to school, 20% of Swedish children do, and a whopping 50% of Dutch kids! Bike to School Month is a great way to learn about clean air, safety, healthy habits, and the simple pleasure of riding a bike around the community. Bike to School Month, together with Clean Air Day, encourages students to experience the joy and independence in biking to school. These events are for everyone: students that can’t bike are encouraged to be active in other ways, like being dropped off a few blocks from the school, or using a wheelchair or scooter. Participating schools celebrate cycling in the way that works for them, whether it’s for a month, a week, or just a day.

We offer fun and free workshops to participating schools on a first-come first-serve basis, along with the chance to win fun prizes.  Register below in 3 minutes or less!

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    Maximum 250 of each. Stickers are a great incentive, and work with our poster for tracking the class's progress towards a goal. If unsure, leave blank.
Bike to School Month FAQ
  • What is Bike to School Month?

Bike to School Month is an annual event held in May and June every year. Schools can participate for a day, a week, or the entire month, during which the school or individual classrooms can add cycling into classroom instruction, hold workshops or assembly events (which we may be able to provide), and generally encourage biking to school. We have premade resources and event ideas to make it easy for the organizers.

  • How do I sign up?

Visit our Bike to School Month page and scroll down to find the “Register” button. Fill out the short form and we will be in contact with you closer to the event!

  • Why should I do Bike to School Month?

Children’s health. Children need activity to develop physically and mentally, but they are sedentary like no generation before them, which has led to an increase in associated health conditions like depression, obesity, and sleep irregularities. Not only does this impact children’s quality of life, but it adds a significant burden to the health care system. 

The environment. There is an urgent need to reduce our dependence on energy, particularly from fossil fuels, to minimize the impacts of climate change.

Strain on teachers. Being active in the morning is proven to increase children’s ability to focus, improving behaviour and academic performance.

Bike to School Month helps address these problems by allowing schools and students to make a temporary commitment to cycling. It can start a conversation about the barriers to biking in the community, such as traffic concerns, lack of safety training, and streets poorly designed for people on bikes. The momentum from events like this can carry into discussions about how biking to school can be made normal.

  • What about kids that can’t bike?

Bike to School Month is an inclusive event, and all forms of active transportation can be encouraged. For kids who live far from the school, drop-off zones can be set up a few blocks from the school so that children can walk part-way. It’s also simple to plan so that students with disabilities can participate.

  • I don’t have the time to do this myself, but I’m interested! Can you help?

Absolutely! We provide ready-made resources and activity ideas for teachers. We encourage teachers to scale the event based on what resources they have available. If you are putting it on yourself, focus on a Bike Week for your classroom. If you are an administrator, sustainability team, or just ambitious, you may be able to put on a month-long event for the entire school. Reach out to us at

  • How do I win prizes?

You are automatically entered in our prize draw when you submit your participation numbers by BikeWalkRoll, and you get an additional entry for every school you refer to participate. We’ll make sure that schools outside of Winnipeg won’t be stuck with prizes only redeemable in the city.

Events Calendar
We’re still working on our events and workshops for 2018, but check out our 2017 Events Calendar to see what we got up to.
Ideas and Materials

We have some great tools and resources to help guide you in making Bike to School Month a success. For handouts event ideas, and curriculum tie-ins, visit our Resources for Teachers Page.

Who Participated in 2017?

Congratulations to all 63 Schools  who participated in Bike to School Month this year! Help us get to 80 for 2018.


  • AE Wright School
  • Amber Trails School
  • Andrew Mynarski
  • Bernie Wolfe School
  • Blumenort School
  • Brooklands School
  • Bruce Middle School
  • Burntwood Elementary School
  • Centennial School
  • David Livingstone School
  • École Centrale
  • École Charleswood
  • École Christine-Lespérance
  • École George McDowell School
  • École Guyot
  • Ecole Laura Secord School
  • École Provencher
  • École Regent Park
  • Ecole Riverview School
  • Ecole West Park School
  • Fort Richmond Collegiate
  • General Wolfe School
  • Golden Gate Middle School
  • Green Ridge School
  • Greenway School
  • Grosvenor School
  • John de Graff School
  • John G Stewart School
  • Juniper School
  • Kelsey Community School
  • King Edward Community School
  • Landmark Elementary School
  • Lavallee School
  • Linden Christian School
  • Lord Selkirk School
  • Lord Wolseley School
  • Luxton School
  • Maple Leaf School
  • Margaret Park School
  • Mary Duncan School
  • Mulvey School
  • Neil Campbell School
  • V. Jewitt Community School
  • Oak Bank Elementary School
  • Phoenix School
  • Riverbend School
  • Robert Andrews School
  • Rockwood School
  • Ruth Hooker School
  • Shady Lane School
  • Southwood School
  • St Boniface Diocesan High School
  • Stanley Knowles School
  • Ste Rose School
  • Stevenson-Britannia School
  • Sunnyside Colony School
  • Transcona Collegiate
  • Valley Gardens Middle School
  • Warren Collegiate
  • West St Paul School
  • Whistling Wind School
  • Winnipeg Adult Education Centre
  • Woodlawn Early Years
2017 Prize Winners

Thank you to all 63 schools that participated in Bike to School Month 2017! We’re happy to see you eager to celebrate cycling and healthy living! Keep it up and don’t forget to stay safe.

Prize Winner
Bike Gear Prize Package Whistling Wind School
Sweet Tops Ice cream Maple Leaf School
Winnipeg Jets Hockey Prize Package Andrew Mynarski VC School
Movie Night Prize Packages & Manitoba Museum Passes École Golden Gate Middle School
Thunder Rapids Passes St. Boniface Diocesan High School

Finally, thank you to this event’s sponsors – Manitoba Public Insurance, The City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba – Healthy Living Youth and Seniors

We’re here to help make your events a success. Reach us at or call us at 204-925-3777, ext 103

A huge thanks to our 2018 sponsor, the City of Winnipeg!